Homeless Programs

Missoula Housing Authority administers and partners with several programs that serve the homeless. We currently provide about 175 households who were homeless with permanent supportive housing.

Missoula Housing Authority does NOT provide emergency housing or assistance. If you need emergency housing or other assistance, please contact our office.

All of our programs have waiting lists; the waiting period can be several years long. Most of our homeless programs have additional application steps. Please contact the appropriate agencies listed with the housing program you are interested in.

Our programs serving the homeless

YWCA Transitional Housing

Homeless families with children in the household & a survivor of domestic violence in the last 2 years. 2 bedroom units. To be placed on this waitlist, please contact Melissa @ (406) 543-6691 or attend the YWCA's housing orientation Tuesdays @ 11:00am.

Valor House (Transitional Housing for Homeless Veterans Only)

Single, homeless veterans who were not dishonorably discharged are eligible. To be placed on this waitlist, please contact staff at the Valor House @ (406) 829-3928.

Shelter Plus Care

Homeless individuals or households, where a member of the household is disabled. You rent from a private landlord of your choice. To be placed on this waitlist, please contact First Call for Help (2-1-1) to complete a housing assessment and tell the operator you're interested in Shelter Plus Care.  Learn more...

Uptown Apartments

Single, homeless individuals. Studio apartments. Located at 329 Woody St. Waitlist is currently running 1 year.