Shelter Plus Care

What is the Shelter Plus Care (S+C) program?


How do I apply for the S+C program?

To be placed on this waitlist, please contact First Call for Help (2-1-1) to complete a housing assessment and tell the operator you're interested in Shelter Plus Care.

The S+C program is a rental assistance program specifically designed to help homeless, disabled households receive adequate housing.  Once in the program, you rent from a private landlord in Missoula, you pay 30 percent of your monthly adjusted income towards rent, and MHA pays the rest of the rent.

MHA currently has 92 S+C vouchers but is able to serve over 125 households with this grant.

Who is eligible for S+C?

To be eligible, you must be homeless and at least one member of your household disabled. MHA also targets the following disabilities: severe mental illness, recovery from chronic substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and HIV/AIDS.

You must meet HUD’s definition of homeless in order to be eligible for S+C. This means that currently you have no home and you inhabit:

  1. places not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, sidewalks, and abandoned buildings;
  2. an emergency shelter; or
  3. transitional housing for homeless persons and who originally came from the streets or an emergency shelter.

Can S+C serve persons at risk of becoming homeless?

No. The program is only for those who are currently homeless.