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Missoula Housing Authority

Board of Commissioners

The seven-member board of commissioners governs the Missoula Housing Authority and is responsible for establishing policy and approving MHA's annual budget. The board of commissioners also hires the executive director, who serves as the agency's chief executive officer. The executive director oversees the day-to-day operations of the Missoula Housing Authority and implements policies and programs established by the board.

Each board member is appointed by the mayor of Missoula. Two members of the seven-member board are MHA resident commissioners who serve two-year terms. The other five commissioners are appointed from the general public and serve five-year terms.

Please visit our board meeting schedule page for a list of upcoming board meetings.

MHA Board of Commissioners

Collin Bangs, Chair
Term: June 26, 2017 – June 25, 2022

Kaia Peterson, Co-Chair
Executive Director, NeighborWorks Montana
Term: June 26, 2016 – June 25, 2023

Kila Shields, Member
Social Worker
Term: June 26, 2016 – June 25, 2026

Jack Richards, Resident Commissioner
Term: June 26, 2019 – June 25, 2025

Teigan Avery, Member
Graduate Student
Term: July 15, 2020 - June 25, 2023

Erma Mack-Wilkes, Resident Commissioner
Term: November 9, 2020 – June 25, 2023

Sheena Comer Winterer, Member
Managing Partner, Ink Realty Group
Term: January 1, 2022 - June 25, 2024