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How do I become a Section 8 and Shelter Plus Care landlord?

MHA works with more than 300 landlords to provide housing for approximately 900 families. Tenants pay a portion of the rent and MHA enters into a contract with the landlord to pay rent on behalf of the tenant. Each unit must pass inspection before leasing and at least bi-annually thereafter.

For information about payments, please contact:
Jim McGrath:

Our rental assistance programs rely on private landlords willing to rent to our tenants. MHA does not have a formal application process for landlords. The tenants in our program look for housing of their choice and apply to the landlord. If the landlord has not worked with MHA before but wants to consider leasing to the family, they can contact MHA for the New Landlord Information Packet.

For a landlord and unit to be approved for an assisted tenancy, the rent must be reasonable, the unit must pass a health and safety inspection and the initial lease must be for at least six months. Our assistance is based on federally determined Payment Standards, so the landlord must complete and submit our Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) packet so that MHA staff can confirm its affordability. In some cases, the family may not be able to be approved.

If the rent is too high, can the family pay the rest?

NO. Federal law forbids “side deals” or extra payments above and beyond the rent. MHA reviews the RFTA and schedules the inspection within one to two business days of receiving it. We expect the landlord to hold the unit during this brief approval process. We do not allow applicants to have more than one RFTA packet at a time so that you can be sure they will be ready to lease from you once approved.

Where can I list my available rental?

There are several places you can advertise your rental if you’re interested in renting to voucher holders:

New Landlord Information Packet

Thank you for your interest in Missoula Housing Authority’s Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. This program is designed to assist very low income households with rental assistance. A landlord with a household that holds a Section 8 voucher will receive a portion of the monthly rent from the Missoula Housing Authority (MHA) and a portion of rent directly from the household.
You have taken the first step in becoming one of the landlords in this program by requesting this information packet. This packet contains an explanation of how our program works, a step-by-step outline of the process of entering into an assisted contract and sample forms and documents you will encounter working with MHA.

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