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Missoula Housing Authority

Family Self Sufficiency Programs

The Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a voluntary program designed to help individuals and families achieve economic self sufficiency.

Who May Enroll?

This program is open to families and individuals who currently have a housing voucher through Missoula Housing Authority or live in public housing. Participants should have employment goals and wish to become economically independent.

How does FSS work?

The head of household enrolls in the FSS Program by completing an intake form, signing a contract of participation and working with an FSS coordinator to develop an Individual Training and Service Plan, which identifies employment and financial goals to work on. Barriers to these goals will be identified and eliminated as the participant works through the program.

Through the FSS program we are able to set up an escrow account and as the participant’s rent increases due to their employment, a portion goes into an account each month. The money saved in their account goes to the participant at the end of the program. Many have used the money to buy a home!

If you would like to learn more about how the FSS program can help you find your way home, contact your Program Specialist to receive a referral to one of our FSS Coordinators.

Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency Program (ROSS)

Missoula Housing Authority’s Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Program is available to all Public Housing Residents. The program coordinator connects residents to local services and empowerment activities to increase resident’s self-sufficiency and quality of life. ROSS participants are encouraged to set personal goals related to increasing education, improving financial capability, accessing supportive services and gaining employment. The coordinator provides resources and referrals based on the individualized participant goals. The ROSS program also focuses on eviction prevention activities and interventions. All Public Housing Residents are encouraged to participate in the ROSS program. Contact your property manager or the ROSS coordinator if you would like to find out more about ROSS and enroll in the program.

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