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Missoula Housing Authority

Public Housing

As one of the oldest federal programs in America, public housing was established to improve unsafe, unsanitary housing conditions and to lessen the extreme shortage of decent housing for low-income families. Anyone can apply for public housing by signing up on the waiting list. Click here to apply. As a public housing resident, you will pay rent at 30% of your adjusted monthly income, as well as utilities for most units. The remaining cost of the unit is paid for through federally allocated funds through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

MHA owns 178 units located throughout the community, varying from one to four bedrooms.

Because public housing is a federally subsidized program, to maintain their occupancy, public housing residents are obligated to report any changes in family income, composition or status within the required time period. In addition, adult residents are required to perform eight hours of community service per month, unless exempt.

If you are a current Public Housing tenant, please visit our Residents page.

Public Housing has a fascinating history and over time has morphed into something quite different than was originally planned. If you’d like to learn more about public housing history, click here.


The public housing Family Self Sufficiency program can help you keep and/or get a job and increase your savings. Learn more here.

Federally Mandated Eligibility Restrictions:

MHA is required to reject the application of a household if MHA determines that:

  • Any household member is currently engaging in illegal drug use, or current patterns of alcohol abuse that may threaten the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other residents.

  • Any household member has ever been convicted of manufacture or production of methamphetamine on the premises of any federally assisted housing.

  • Any member of the household is subject to a lifetime registration as a sexual offender.

  • You have been evicted from federally assisted housing in the past.